Women Dating Near Me for Casual Relationship

Does having a casual relationship with an interesting guy appeal to you? Do you think you could handle a sexual relationship with a man without getting emotionally involved with him? Could you cope with a relationship that was like a long one night stand without the romantic gestures to go with it? The idea of having a friends with benefits type, casual relationship can seem pretty appealing in the beginning, but before you jump right in, there are a few things to think over first.


When It’s Better To Have A Casual Relationship

If you’re looking for a good time as opposed to a long time, then this may be ideal for you. Because like it or not, the typical casual relationship that is based mostly on sex rarely turns into anything more. And that’s where the problem lies for women.

Although men seem to have little trouble keeping themselves emotionally separate when they are having casual sex, it’s not the same way for women. We’re just built differently on an emotional level.

Men See Things Differently

Where a man may be concerned that he pleased you physically and enjoyed himself, that’s where his concern ends. Remember, he doesn’t look on this as a real relationship, so he’s not concerned with conversation and romance. For him it’s only and all about the sex and whether it’s been good or not.

You as a woman, on the other hand, may enjoy the closeness that the sex brings even more than the actual act itself. And you will probably find the sex more fulfilling if he stays the night and kisses you goodbye in the morning, rather than just doing the “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” routine.

So why is it so different for a woman? Our hormones have a lot of control over how we feel when we’re having sex. Sex becomes more than a physical act for women. In fact, the naturally occurring chemical, oxytocin which is released in a woman’s body during sex is what creates the emotional bonding. This is the same chemical that makes a nursing mother bond with her newborn. So you can see how powerful it is and the effect it has on a woman.

So while you may be okay with one night stands, on-going casual relationships are very different. There the physical closeness creates an emotional closeness when the same man is involved and there is really nothing you can do to stifle those feelings. That’s why a laid-back attitude to sex is not possible for a woman in an on-going relationship of any kind.

Is A Casual Relationship For You?

What you really have to decide is whether or not you you’re ready to suffer the consequences of having a casual relationship with a man you are really attracted to. Because realistically if he’s just in it for the sex, the relationship may never go beyond that for him even if you want it to.


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