How Does Sex Develop your Strength

Then sex and health.  What the history of a healthy and happy life can ignore this theme?  The welfare in a sexual life and personnel affects a lot of the hope of life and health.  Here are the main reasons for this:

1.  The hormone of phenylethylamine of love prolongs the life!

The experiments in animals showed that the drugs related to the phenylethylamine of the hormone, extends the life of scores of the percent.  That is, the state of the love (happy, at least) contributes to the longevity.  It is established surely that the oldest body of men, that struck up a sexual sex dating matter with the young women, visibly rejuvenated!

2.  Hardly positive (sexual) emotions stimulate the body!

I do not speak of sex, is shown that still a simple holidays, they enlarge the immunity for the next few days.  Obviously, the success of the love (sexual) to date has an a lot greater impact in the human health.  It is established that constant kiss that hard 2-3 minutes has the effect.  Complete sexual levels of white corpuscles contact increases that fight cells of microbes and cancer in the 1.5-fold.  It recalls that the casual dating is a critic to bring up to date and to rejuvenate the cells of our body.

How Does Sex Develop your Strength

How Does Sex Develop your Strength

3.  An active life of the sex reduces the level of sexual hormones in the blood!

Once people tried to rejuvenate the body with the aid of mats in the old body of young genitals.  After a transitory effect there was to wilt faster.  Besides, I neuter animals live in the scores of the most long percent of time than their normal counterparts.  The point here is, apparently, that the male testosterone of sexual hormone enlarges synthesis of protein, accelerates metabolism, that carries to faster to run of the life cycle.  The men have more testosterone on account of this they live less.  As an act sexual fact and right finishes with discharge and a reduction in the testosterone in the blood, the damage of the testosterone of excess obtains smaller.  The free dating experiments in animals have shown that male that live together with the females they have a hope of life of 25% over the solitary one.

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